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Affordable web design to fit your budget

San Tan Graphics provides a variety of professional services to meet your web design and internet presence goals. We assist you in determining what products and services you will need to meet your expectations, all at an affordable price. Our design consultants can help in determining what graphics and layouts will impact your web site the most and give your customers a pleasant and lasting experience when visiting your site. We pride ourselves in designing sites that are bright, informative and easy to navigate. We look forward to assisting you in building a web site that showcases your company's products and services, but most of all, your companies "spirit".

LEVEL ONE   $495.00 base price


Level One consists of Economy Business and Family style projects.

Base Cost: $495.00 (Additional Options Available)


Level One is the most affordable and provides between 1 to 5 pages containing a variety of text, graphics and photography. For our simple business solution there are over 400 Templates to choose from, all professional with quality graphics.


For family fun, there are templates to choose that will reflect your style and spirit. Some of these templates can be hosted for under $100. per year, now that's cost effective!


There are just too many options to mention here, just give us a call and we will be glad to design a business or personal website that fits your budget.

On Sale now!


LEVEL TWO:   $795 base price


Level Two is our intermediate level for business.  Base cost: $795.00 


This level provides our clients with a quality web site offering between up to 10 pages of content which can include graphics, photos and a limited choice of

e-commerce solutions. Additional pages can be added at the clients request for a nominal fee.


This level is very flexible and yet very affordable.  There are over 1000 template designs for your to choose from. These are specifically designed to meet the requirements of intermediate level businesses on a tight budget.


Don't get us wrong, these sites compete with fortune 500 companies when it comes to graphic design and content.

LEVEL THREE:   $1,295.00 base price


Level Three is our most dynamic level.  Beginning at a base price of $1,295.00.


This level provides our clients with world class exposure to the internet with up to 20 pages.  Including Flash moving graphics, e-Commerce and a variety of applications embedded into your web site. The e-Commerce solutions include automatic check-out and credit card processing. You can achieve the "dazzle" and visual impact to your visitors that will reflect who you are as a company and the spirit of your products and services. This level includes e-Commerce solutions including shopping malls, check-out pages and billing via credit cards directly into your account.


There are hundreds of samples and templates to choose from and each can be modified to make your web presence unique from any other site on the internet.


CUSTOM PHOTOGRAPHY ( By appointment)                


CUSTOM FLASH DESIGN (Approved Templates)

AUTOMATED GIF DESIGN ($100.00 minimum)

CUSTOM LOGO DESIGN ($100 minimum)

GRAPHIC ART DESIGN ($100.00 minimum)

CUSTOM SLIDE SHOWS ($50 minimum)

* All additional art design billed at $65.00 per hour

Legal Disclaimer: Any and all web design, pricing and package solutions purchased is an acknowledgement that the web site and design you choose is proprietary to San Tan Graphics, LLC and is not transferable. The site and design remains under full and exclusive control of San Tan Graphics until such time a request to cancel services is received. You have the option at time of cancellation to transfer your domain name to another provider and host and create a new site and new design. All proprietary information will within ten days of a cancellation be released to the client. Should you decide to purchase the site, an arrangement can be made for a final purchase price. At that time the site can be transferred and the San Tan Graphics, LLC can be removed and the purchaser will then be responsible for the entire website.

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